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In Thomas Porter's The Villain (1662), Sandford as Malignii, after being scorned for his forwardness utters "why, is my person then so odious?
3]s serious forwardness, openness and determination in promotion and protection of human rights, Trung said.
But the role emphasizes again the issue of female forwardness and female delicacy.
Elgon area are moving away from the perspective of African "victimhood" and cultural pluralism by experimenting with cultural clusters fused to the fabric of Afrikology's 'thinking from the heart' epistemology as an approach to renewed community-centred empowerment, and restorative cultural forwardness.
Walking into any of the suites at the H72, the first thing that strikes you is the simplicity and the straight forwardness of the contemporary lines.
It gives you this sense of forward looking, of the forwardness of history as well as the backwardness of history, and what a gift to have this new life and to look forward.
However, she admitted that her straight forwardness might not always be politically helpful for her father, who is against gay-marriages.
He preached a merciful-humanist brand of a "good Islam" and cited to this effect Ali Bin Abi Taleb's straight forwardness both in word and deed.
She said: "All the D+ styles were based heavily on support and were not as attractive as the styles available in the smaller sizes, they all seemed to be missing elements of fun or fashion forwardness, which really frustrated me as I felt that I couldn't buy any nice underwear.
WHAT I love about the new Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Sharon Sullivan, Is her straight forwardness, her no-nonsense approach, which isn't everybody's cup of tea.