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Interpretation of the dating results is constrained by the relative rarity of fossilisation, and species-dependent differences in extinction dates.
ENORMOUS lily pads, a collapsing tree house, a fossilisation machine and a 2-tonne block of ice carried from Greenland are just a few of the extraordinary artworks planned for Tatton Park Biennial 2010.
Without these chunks, attempts to communicate are severely hampered and in danger of being incomprehensible, leading to the phenomenon of fossilisation and classroom pidgins.
Take your pick from the periodic table to the properties of magnesium and from concepts like extinction and fossilisation to polarity and magnetic fields.
The find was a big surprise, since according to current theories of fossilisation, it should not be possible for original organic material to survive so long.
Nevertheless, one is struck by the fossilisation of Palmezzano's style, for he shows little awareness of Raphael, Michelangelo, Correggio or Titian, but instead continues to plough his resolutely local furrow.
I have very few pleasures left in life now as the Skinner skeleton continues the process of invitro fossilisation, but freshly squeezed orange ice lollies seem to me to be a harmless passion that I can indulge without threatening anyone or incommoding passers-by.
Because calcium is a major proportion of bone - around 40% by weight - its composition is unlikely to have been affected much by fossilisation.
Its designers compare the strange installation to a piece of coal - an object with a history of sedimentation, layering, compression and fossilisation.
The present study tries to adhere to a 'Fox-directive' that entails integrated examination of the geographical possibilities of the land, the fossilisation of long-term structures in the landscape and analysis of its 'general character' (pp.