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Too few of our foster youth find themselves on the positive path Chelsea has taken.
All combined, 14 foster children were killed by foster parents since 2000.
Another misconception is that infants cannot be adopted through foster care, which isn't true, Rosenberg said.
What are some misconceptions people have about the foster care system?
Even today, gays and lesbians considering becoming foster parents to one or more of the over 500,000 children in need of a home may be welcomed or dissuaded by social workers depending on where they go.
Each year Foster Care Fortnight helps raise the awareness of fostering, and in particular encourages people to consider becoming foster carers.
Vickers's taste for the acerbic and his manifest dismay at the work of Taylor and Foster (not to mention the editors like myself who included one or both of these poems in recent editions of the Complete Works) is evident, for example, in the title of Vickers's substantial prologue, "Gary Taylor finds a poem.
In addition to putting money and energy toward the emotional and educational needs of foster children, like the ones he spoke to at the luncheon, Samuels wants to increase the possibility that they will be reunited with their parents.
Black children make up nearly half of the national foster care population, although they represent less than one-fifth of the nation's children.
Until 1988 when we reached eight titles," Foster said, "John and I did all the editorial work.