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O EVE, in evil hour thou didst give care To that false Worm, of whomsoever taught To counterfet Mans voice, true in our Fall, False in our promis'd Rising; since our Eyes Op'nd we find indeed, and find we know Both Good and Evil, Good lost and Evil got, Bad Fruit of Knowledge, if this be to know, Which leaves us naked thus, of Honour void, Of Innocence, of Faith, of Puritie, Our wonted Ornaments now soild and staind, And in our Faces evident the signes Of foul concupiscence; whence evil store; Even shame, the last of evils; of the first Be sure then.
Your anchor must drop from the bow of your ship with no turn of cable on any of its limbs, else you would be riding to a foul anchor.
As a matter of fact, the mob was playing in exceedingly foul fashion.
Methinks thou art right," quoth Robin, "and, contrariwise, that when we kiss a pleasure that appeareth gay it turneth foul to us; is it not so, Little John?
The foul air, to which he had already begun to get used in the corridor, was still stronger here.
Then, with a sudden sweep across the strings, he broke out into a song so gross and so foul that ere he had finished a verse the pure-minded lad sprang to his feet with the blood tingling in his face.
She grappled then towards him, she seized the warrior in her foul claws.
But at the end of the game, you look at the foul calls, you have to question, half our starting five fouled.
On the rare occasions that bookmakers bet on fouls - usually it happens only on big, set-piece occasions like the FA Cup final - they can underestimate how similar the foul tallies might be.
Coaching staffs should not encourage cheap-shots or dirty play, but tell their defenders that if they are going to foul, to do it in a clean manner so that the offensive opponent cannot get the shot off.
From blockbuster movies to radio talk shows, the use of foul language is on the rise in America, yet few authorities are suggesting remedial steps for America's students, who are absorbing forbidden words as if they were acceptable usage.
Results indicate that respectively taller people are more likely to be perceived by referees as foul perpetrators, and their respectively smaller opponents as foul victims.