foul language

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Nevertheless, the field surveillance section had, over the past years, seized and confiscated some talking toys with foul language, which the consumer may sometimes do not even know their meaning.
Society has no place for such foul language but then again these words may well be part of her daily vocabulary.
She warned the members saying that there are rules for the people who use foul language for the assembly speaker.
Further, MQM chief had used foul language for the PTI women supporters upon which PTI and MQM came face to face.
The opposition have severally critised her for demeaning the chair of the chief minister by using such foul language, generally associated with roadside brawl.
Girls were screaming and laughing and a man was using foul language.
This doesn't mean that foul language should be used.
His tone was filled with threats and foul language never before used by any celebrity on a social network .
I'm not saying about discrimination but it's foul language, it's a foul play.
I'm not saying about discrimination, but it's foul language, it's a foul play.
Maybe they don't mind listening to the crude, foul language thatMr McGovern likes to use in his plays, but I'm sure the majority don't.
I AM right behind Ray Mallon's attack and zero approach policy on people using foul language in public places but feel that he is starting in the wrong place.