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Young was fouled by Collison while shooting a 3-pointer in the right corner.
He helped start the run by making a jumper while being fouled by Buckner.
I fouled out, I let my teammates down,'' O'Neal said when it was over.
Point guard Ashlee Trebilcock also fouled out, with about two minutes left.
Only Leeds and MK Dons have been fouled more often than Gary Rowett's men.
After a player commits three major fouls, they are fouled out of the game.
Moussa Sissoko has been judged to have been fouled 40 times (1.
However, the degree of subcooling of the refrigerant varied from test to test, depending on the heat flux and fouled conditions.
Four Trojans fouled out, Floyd and Jefferson were each given technical fouls and the Sun Devils made 31 of 36 free throws in the second half to offset Mayo's career-high 37 points, which was two shy of Cliff Robinson's 1978 school record for a freshman.
Also, the fouling materials' effect on the measured performance of the room air-conditioner unit for the cases of a partially fouled and completely fouled evaporator coil (compared with a clean coil) are also investigated.