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Amid the cheers as the current swept his bloody corpse away, few would have argued with the poet Assonius when he wrote that "no fouler or more filthy monster ever filled the imperial throne of Rome".
Legrand renforce cette idee, en soulignant que les gens n'ont de cesse de vouloir fouler la contree de leurs ancetres pour mieux conforter leur sentiment d'appartenance et enrichir, sous le coup de cette experimentation, leur propre memoire (2006 : 163).
I can't see the point of replacing the foul smell of cat pee with an even fouler smell.
And so it was that Rickaby, as he set down in his journal, 'stalked in a side door to where ten or twelve loafers, in all states of intoxication, were holding forth, drinking, spitting, singing foul songs, telling fouler stories, and giving character to the place generally.
Among all of the possible non-toxic alternatives, one of the most promising technologies is a non-stick foul-release coating, (4) which can prevent the adhesion of organisms by providing a low-friction, ultra-smooth surface that makes the attachment of a fouler very difficult and the detachment easy.
Two drug addicts with fouler mouths than Rooney probably wouldn't be most parents' ideal choice for role models.
Des moulins a farine, a carder, a fouler voisinent avec des carrieres, les activites touristiques se deploient lentement et les grandes revolutions liees aux communications font leur apparition: chemin de fer (sujet longuement presente au chapitre 13), telephone, electricife, dont les vrais artisans sont helas ignores.
Some of these are due to his habit of spitting up at least a third of whatever he has consumed, but the other cause is a bit fouler.
287); as they enter the mines Gandalf asserts that "[t]here are older and fouler things than Orcs in the deep places of the world" (II.
Now that we're regrouping from the devastation wrecked by the recession, with your shareholders in a foul mood and government legislators and regulators in an even fouler mood, it's the opportune moment to get out the chalkboard and start reviewing the Xs and Os of winning governance.