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An analysis of the data gathered from the program demonstrated that learners who completed the foundational prework were better prepared to answer questions related to program objectives prior to participating in the live workshop when compared with those who did not.
The purpose of this RFI is to obtain information from vendors so as to reach a comprehensive understanding of the full range of options that exist for creating an HHS Enterprise Shared Application Services platform and for implementing the five Foundational Shared Application Services.
Each in turn challenges not MacIntyre's basic position, which he claims to get from Aquinas, that the precepts of natural law are universal, exceptionless, and unchanging, but rather his more controversial claim that these preliminary precepts are both specific enough to guide moral conduct and foundational enough to be known by all apart from any theology.
Foundational skills go hand-in-hand with career and technical education because they provide the basis for career-specific learning and on-the-job training.
Cooper and Browning's examination of the impact of foundational truth on the relationship between psychology and religion is right on track with the thrust of our four articles and the work of a number of other noted philosophers, psychologists, and theologians.
In our first three years," says Hollie of the independent preK-8 charter school with 100-percent African-American students, "we noticed that many students lacked foundational skills in math and performed poorly on state tests.
These foundational concepts give Chinese medicine its adaptability to address a wide variety of ills of the body, mind, and spirit from ancient to contemporary times.
Both of these programs, however, had certain foundational problems in their conception and execution and these remained operative throughout the long period of their existence; they need to be pointed out so that if a future program comes into existence, it may benefit from this analyses.
RFID is a foundational technology on the path to achieving this vision.
But she carries her case through foundational issues to a fairly sophisticated examination of the impact of the arts on present-day congregational life.
Confined to the undergraduate curriculum, teacher education has surrendered space--once occupied by foundational studies--to courses in the technical aspects of teaching and learning and to more clinical practice.
He details the life and times of Galen, who used wounded gladiators in his early investigations into the nature of blood, provided some of the foundational knowledge about blood and medicine that would endure for about 1,400 years.

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