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Whether Hegel's claim of a self-grounding of logic amounts to a foundationless philosophy, as Winfield contends, or rather to a speculative foundation of philosophy, cannot be discussed here.
The problem with this type of foundationless truth as Cooper and Browning later point out is that it can lead to an epistemological relativism that puts an end to genuine dialog.
Indeed, for a genuine dialog to be possible, truth itself must be up for grabs, not in the foundationless sense that anything goes, but in the holistic and humble sense that all aspects of the greater narrative about truth are allowed to participate fully and fairly in the dialog about what constitutes truth, including foundational, foundationless, hermeneutic, and religious truths.
This narrator, as a manifestation of foundationless "embodied energy," is as incapable of consistency of report and of moral coherence as are the characters in and (by implication) the readers of her account.
52) And the corporate body of knowledge is not only foundationless but also utterly flexible.
We have already noted that the prospect of foundationless belief stirs the foundationalist's fear of an infinite justificatory regress in which even the possibility of warranted claims would be undercut.
But such a god without a cohesive people in a defined homeland is a fish out of water, because the fierce love of one's own by which such a god is activated and which such a god activates in its worshippers can become foundationless in an alien society.
Lockridge aligns himself with Romantic ethical thinking against the dark vision of deconstructive criticism, for the Romantic writers exhibit the will to value through texts that continually assert value while exposing the foundationless nature of value systems.
Originally, several small, foundationless, wood-and-tin shacks-probably used as housing for farm workers-lay scattered about the site.
22) Pirandello also explores this post-modern theme of foundationless subjectivity in Cosi e; in parts two and three I analyze the ways that abysmal self is covered over by two forms of the metaphysical will to truth.
I know that in the past I have been guilty of foundationless exaggeration and hyperbole, on this occasion, however, I am right.

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