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1x as wide as long, with two whitish transverse basal foveae to about 0.
1x as long as wide, smooth except for two basal foveae reaching 0.
8x as long as rest of body, T1 with two strong and complete carinae, T2 striated in and between basal foveae to 0.
The mesosoma with setae only on the pronotum laterally; the mesoscutum anteriorly microreticulate or delicately coriaceous, smooth and shiny posteriorly; notauli incomplete, absent or very indistinct in the anterior 1/4 of the mesoscutum; the mesoscutellum only slightly elongated, nearly quadrangular, uniformly rugose; scutellar foveae indistinctly delimited, with a shiny smooth bottom.
Among others they are characterized by having narrow foveae and unusually short hairs of the scopa.