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gender and location of the vibrating line with reference to foveae palatine was to be presented as frequency percentages.
Out of 150 patients included in the study, foveae palatinae were present in only 109 (72.
The present study found that palatinae foveae was present in about 73% of the study sample only.
Kyung and colleagues4 have reported the location of anterior and posterior vibrating lines in relation to the foveae palatinae.
1x as long as wide, with two slightly pubescent basal foveae to 0.
T2 with two very weak basal foveae which have a few inconspicuous setae at their base, T2 otherwise smooth.
T1 smooth and bare medially between the two moderately prominent longitudinal carinae, at each side with short, dense pubescence, continuing on ventral side and on the two small basal foveae on T2, rest of T2 as well as apical tergites virtually smooth and bare except for faint reticulation on T6.
T2 with distinct, roundish basal foveae which are hardly 0.
Interfoveal carina low, surpassing very slightly the level of the scutellar foveae (lateral view).
presents the scutellum with a single central carina between the foveae and the spine; it seems to be the fusion of the two carinae that form the typical sulcus of the scutellum of all Neralsia, or a prolongation of the interfoveal carina till the base of the spine.
Face with striae that depart radially from the clipeus towards the antennal foveae, surface between them smooth, around the compound eyes coriaceous.
interfoveal carina in shape of a sharp tooth that surpasses the level of the scutellar foveae (lateral view).