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14) Two histopathological studies performed in humans with advanced CQ-induced retinopathy revealed destruction of the cone and rods, sparing the foveal cones.
olan retinal ayrilma, proliferatif retinopati, fibrovaskuler retrolental membran olusumu, foveal displazi gibi degisiklikler dogum sonrasi ilk haftalar icerisinde olusabilir.
Magnitude estimation of the brightness of brief foveal stimulation.
In foveal (central) vision with low-resolution displays there are multiple brain pixels per screen pixel, so the brain is receiving redundant information.
Mean foveal thickness and mean macular volume were decreased at weeks 3 and 6 in the pegaptanib group, whereas they were slightly increased in the PRP patients, he said.
Carapace with prominent caput; profile moderately arched, highest in mid-caput region; foveal slit moderately long and deep, curving down onto concave rear slope of carapace (Figs.
In children with large foveal maps, for example, letters would loom large and associations with other stimuli, such as sounds, would tend to form faster than in children with small foveal maps.
Among the tactile nerve cells in the mole embryo's star, those from the foveal rays are the first to become active, reach the cortex, and take up space in the brain, Catania reports in the April NATURE NEUROSCIENCE.
There is an extremely high concentration of cones found within the foveal section of the retina, and each foveal cone transmits to a single bipolar cell.
He is right that change is overdue, as we do know so much more about human vision now than we did 90 years ago when the lumen was defined based on the foveal R and G cones only.