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But fovere means "foster" or "nourish"; the result will or can be "growth" and "progress.
In the left arm he has Amare et Fovere meaning to love and to cherish, a tribute to wife Victoria.
On his left arm he had the words Amare et Fovere (To Love and To Cherish) placed alongside his tattoo of Victoria's name in Hindi.
Paul Marsiglio of Fovere, a service provider at the marcus evans Canadian Institutional Investment Summit 2010, discusses investment return maximization strategies
Interview with: Paul Marsiglio, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fovere
It is certainly possible to quibble about the English equivalents here used for the Latin originals, but the Latin words, no matter how translated, have to do with change--augere, accommodate, mutationes, nostra aetas, instaurare, and, not so clearly, fovere.
patiently pursues, not Augustine's theory of the imagination, but his complex use of three central image-clusters: omnia, a model of the spiritual and corporeal universe as "a structured hierarchy of all things"; peregrinatio animae, the wayfaring soul, as exemplified by the Prodigal and Odysseus; and fovere, God's providential care for the soul in transit.