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As part of the career pathway work, KCTCS is seeking to develop a feasible way to modularize curricula (and also fractionalize the credit offered) in both bridge and college-level instruction to allow the creation of programs that are responsive to the schedules of working students and the skills needs of employers.
The pay-to-play portal models presented to the IP market today only serve to fractionalize the marketplace-helping neither the buyer nor the seller of IP.
have been fractionalized at 33% fractionalization compared to samples received from Eesti Energia AS (Estonia oil shale) that we can fractionalize at around 52% and convert into the aforementioned materials.
The revenue ruling may allow an individual to fractionalize the ownership of a single residence, place the interests into two or more QPeRTS with different remaindermen, and use a minority interest discount in valuing the interests before applying the Sec.
Estate planners and client advocates should strive to fractionalize ownership of real property or business interests whenever possible to minimize values to be included for estate tax purposes.
It is indisputable that mortgages further fractionalize the bundle of rights by giving a mortgagee an interest in a property, if only under certain circumstances.
Functionality and interoperability challenges fractionalize the market and increase metering costs for applications and services.
We could fractionalize the CPUs and then allocate at a better efficiency at what the application needed to run," Perillo said.
All this will do is further fractionalize the city.
The company is pleased to inform the public and its investors that initial test results confirm the company's ability to fractionalize resid oil into a family of Napholenes and a variety straight chain hydro carbon (alephatics) after being processed through the company's laboratory prototype unit.
The complaint further alleges that Goldener arrived at Bench last year with a three-pronged scheme in mind to: (1) steal Bench's property on a steady-volume basis, so as not to attract attention; (2) befriend, then fractionalize the Bench team-oriented personnel; and, (3) attempt to destroy Bench's position in its market by spreading false rumors and misinformation to its clients.