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Will a future, fractionalized Dutch Catholic community pay through the nose for their own lack of prudence and wisdom?
One should acknowledge that increasingly fractionalized corporate ownership is one of the contributory factors in thinking by different scholars at different time periods.
While the medicalization of birth has prevented many women and babies from dying during childbirth, the quality of the fractionalized, mechanical, industrialized, medical model of care does not promote healthy, powerful or positive mental, emotional, and psychological outcomes for mothers and babies.
With three-plus locations that evolved over time to accommodate newer technologies and additional services, such as genetic counseling, care in the MFM division was fractionalized.
This procedure of counting veto players adds very little (other than jargon) to the already well-understood phenomenon of highly fractionalized political systems tending toward immobilism.
In the past, companies have had to rely on less nutrient-rich, fractionalized soy for high-fat applications.
oil-and-gas industry has transitioned from an integrated, single-continent, producer-dominated market to one that is more fractionalized by function and that operates on a far larger world stage.
The result will be a fractionalized society with nothing meaningful holding us together.
Most significantly, we have seen a technological revolution, adding multi-channel delivery, digitization, interactivity, digital storage and retrieval, and with them all, greater consumer choice and more fractionalized audiences for the broadcaster.
The coalition that elected him has been fractionalized,'' Holden said.
In this case, the successors in interest to an owner of lots located in fractionalized sections adjoining and including Lake Jackson, which were acquired by patent from the U.
In "The Eroded Self," the legal affairs editor expresses concern not with mistaken information collected about us, but with the fractionalized image that online surveillance creates.