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Non-tax purposes included increase of family wealth; support of annual gifts without fractionalizing assets; promote family ownership; protect against creditors and divorce interference; support planning not available through a trust; and promote family knowledge of the business.
New compression technologies could expand the number of channels further, fractionalizing the television audience into ever-smaller niches.
In addition, current estate reduction techniques such as a family limited partnership (resulting in a valuation discount from the fractionalizing of ownership) or a self-canceling Installment note (SCIN) may be used in conjunction with this type of trust to enhance its benefits.
The book finishes with a cursory look at MTV, followed up by an interesting discussion of the further fractionalizing of the marketplace.
PCSI) and an ADC Kentrox data service unit (D-Smart) for fractionalizing the T1 line provided the necessary signal conversion on both the U.
Tocqueville sensed that the individualism of Americans, while contributing to the dynamism of the society, also contained the danger of fractionalizing society and isolating Americans from each other.
The supermarket industry may be fractionalizing at a dizzying pace, but one trend remains all-pervasive: Regardless of the type of format being operated, the emphasis these days is clearly on perishables and specialty departments.