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Non-tax purposes included increase of family wealth; support of annual gifts without fractionalizing assets; promote family ownership; protect against creditors and divorce interference; support planning not available through a trust; and promote family knowledge of the business.
The book finishes with a cursory look at MTV, followed up by an interesting discussion of the further fractionalizing of the marketplace.
PCSI) and an ADC Kentrox data service unit (D-Smart) for fractionalizing the T1 line provided the necessary signal conversion on both the U.
Instead of fractionalizing, cash will be paid for the odd share; distributions will take place on Feb 29th.
American Shelter Industries, 821 F Supp 1465, 1468 (MD FL 1983) ("The purpose of ERISA is to prevent trade or businesses from limiting their responsibilities under ERISA by fractionalizing their business operations") (quoting Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Pension Fund v.