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There seems little reason for such fractiousness in a country that prides itself on its ethnic and linguistic homogeneity -- indeed, that emerged from a political struggle to establish the democratic rights of the people of East Pakistan within Pakistan.
It is perhaps inevitable that, as literary values have shifted from artistic unity, the dominant measure of success for the New Criticism of the 1940s and 1950s, to the multivocality of our postmodern age, and as historical research has revealed the extent of the political and religious fractiousness of the British isles during the sixteenth century, assessments of the 1577 and 1587 editions of Holinshed would shift as well.
The brief vision of the perfect family enjoying a perfect picnic is of course farcically incongruous at Hill House, wherein the ghostly familial regime is one of fractiousness, not harmony.
To better understand this inane fractiousness, it is helpful to consider globalization in the context that gave rise to its widespread use.
Pakistan's ability to drive structural reforms, despite resurgent political fractiousness, would be a key factor supporting its credit profile.
His speaking voice, a gruff husky tenor, added to the impression of fractiousness he conveyed.
Aamera Jiwaji looks at the increasing fractiousness within Kenya's construction industry.
The disease of sectarian and ethnic fractiousness in Syria is a threat to the stability of Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and even Saudi Arabia and Iran.
For Georgis, the dream poignantly conveys how 'queerness'--embodied in this instance in Butler's status as a public lesbian and a Jew--serves as an occasion for the pleasurable interaction of two Palestinian men separated by a long and complex history of occupation, displacement, and both 'postcolonial' and diasporic fractiousness.
This makes for an illuminating and deeply contemplative book, as the net effect is an honest grappling with the meaning and fractiousness of the war--a discourse, for the Left, that seems to have become muddier and muddier in the time since.
The coexistence of these often--diametrically opposing trends in the '90s--neoliberalism and those who opposed it with a more human-centered approach--ensured ongoing fractiousness over defining and achieving development.
No doubt Asia, reflecting its rivalries and fractiousness will likely garner more of the world's attention in the decades ahead--just as Europe was the center of the world's focus during the twentieth century.