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The Gawain-poet presents British community as cursed both by the fractiousness and the elitism of its Trojan roots, as the story of purely ethical bonds being forged between Gawain and Bertilak is shown to be a ruse masking the primacy of a blood-based hierarchy dominated by sovereign siblings.
The fractiousness detailed above was one symptom of that inadequacy.
With the satraps adding to the already long list of leadership hopefuls in the central BJP, you can be sure that the fractiousness on display at the national executive will only intensify in the coming months.
a new framework, which dealt with some of the immense fractiousness that could grow from new imbalances and inequalities while avoiding the shattering divisiveness and the consequent breakdown of order in the late Mao era.
As a phenomenon of the highest importance to education, practice, and policy, in social work and social justice, how, if at all, can we provide a pedagogical approach to racism that overcomes the fractiousness that is endemic to the current discourse?
The session's remarkable productivity was the result of bipartisanship, which prevailed despite occasional outbursts of fractiousness, which were to be expected in a session with so much on the agenda that needed to be accomplished in such a short time frame.
The result has been a fractiousness that continues to keep the National Capital Region a geographical rather than a living entity.
At some point, however, fractiousness simply reflects the self-assertion of the individual members of the Court.
Differing religious convictions, rather than personal fractiousness or domination, emerge as the basic rationale for the rift between these two women, and this suggests the same was true for their churches.
The fractiousness of the Saint-Domingue refugees also helped convince the US government to tighten the requirements for naturalization in a 1795 law and to pass the infamous 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts (114, 121).
The stalemate so far reflects what analysts describe as a shift away from consensus-based politics and toward greater fractiousness among Finland's eight parties.