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Besides, other diseases such as diabetes, which are more common in the elder age group, and correspondent treatment, may aggravate the severity of osteoporosis, leading to much more number of fracture cases in the age group of 45-49 years.
US researchers conducted this study to compare fracture rates in 10-year age groups of men with versus without HIV infection.
Results: Four separate fracture patterns were observed: simple transverse or oblique fracture of the ulnar neck just proximal to the ulnar head, fracture of the neck region with concomitant fracture of the tip of the ulnar styloid, simple fracture of the ulnar head, and comminuted fracture of the ulnar head.
KEY WORDS: Ao External Fixator; Open Diaphysial Fracture of Tibia; Tibail Fresh Fracture.
2 Our data concerning site of fracture in descending order was combination of midfacial fractures, zygomatic, maxillary and orbital floor fracture.
The most common etiology of fracture was road traffic accident (64.
Conclusions: Despite developments in the surgical treatment of calcaneal fracture, wound complications still remain inevitable.
As a consequence of utilizing vehicle body deformation for crash event energy absorption the joints may fracture first in many cases.
Closed reduction and closed elastic nail fixation was successful in 18 cases including 16 both-bone fractures and 2 single-bone fracture.
Whole body multi-slice CT was performed and she was diagnosed with cerebral concussion, blunt thoracic trauma with left clavicle fracture, bilateral rib fractures, fracture and pulmonary contusion, a minimally displaced Anderson type III odontoid fracture and C7 spinal process fracture, AO type B1 right distal radius fracture, left hip dislocation fracture (Pipkin type II), and left Weber/Danis type C ankle fracture (ISS: 29).
Study authors drew from the medical literature and publicly available Medicare data to obtain fracture incidence data and cost information for statistical modeling.
To assess the direct costs of hip fracture treatment, investigators used Medicare reimbursement data to price treatment components, including inpatient care as well as surgical and anesthesia services.