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To conclude, we report one of the first cases of bilateral, four-part, anterior fracture dislocation of the shoulder.
Operative stabilization of fracture dislocations of the sacroiliac joint.
Triepel CR: Hinged elbow fixation for recurrent instability following fracture dislocation.
Open anterior hip fracture dislocation in a young adult with exposed femoral Head: A case report.
The 20-year-old suffered a fracture dislocation of his right index finger while fielding against Lancashire in May and suffered a recurrence of the injury during England's fourth one-day international against India in September.
A true lateral radiograph of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint will confirm a concentric reduction after a fracture dislocation of this joint (Figs 1a and 1b).
Other conditions that can be effectively addressed though keyhole surgery are loose bodies within the hip joint and the removal of fractured fragments in fracture dislocation.
In the first few days after a fracture dislocation of the thumb, it is important to follow the RICE protocol as outlined above.
quadriplegic with a fracture dislocation of c4 and c5 vertebrae.
Recent successes for Tawam Hospital's 360 degree surgery include an 18 year old woman with a cervical spinal injury resulting from a car accident in Al Ain, who was able to return home after just four days in hospital and a 25 year old patient who was injured in a car accident which led to a fracture dislocation of the cervical spine, who through a small posterior and then anterior incision, had their cervical spine unlocked and then fused in one operation, rather than two.
ANDREW TRIMBLE has been ruled out until October after undergoing surgery to repair a fracture dislocation of a finger on his left hand.