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But if I had fractured every limb, and still preserved my senses, you should not bandage one till you had told me what I have the right to know.
The other day he nearly fractured my skull for singing a pretty, inoffensive love-song, on purpose to amuse him.
Not many minutes later an ambulance was hurrylug Henderson to the receiving hospital with a fractured skull, while a patrol wagon was no less swiftly carrying Otto Frank to the city prison.
I was so struck all of a heap, that you might have fractured my skull with a toothpick," says the poor man; "but we're sure to have him; for between ten and eleven o'clock at night he passed again.
It was gashed, crushed and fractured, several ribs on the right side were broken.
Tornes and others (2000) discuss the range of textures of fractured Ohio soils that have developed from parent materials of till and other unconsolidated deposits.
At higher temperatures, the samples fractured in a ductile manner, with the fracture force being highest at 5[degrees]C.
The fractured medial malleolus was everted, the deltoid ligament was protected, and the fracture was reduced and fixed with two AO cancellous screws.
This is due to the suspension of the distal fragment by the transverse metacarpal ligaments attached to the adjacent, uninjured bones on either side of the fractured metacarpal.
Studies show that CORTOSS provides stability and rapid pain relief when injected into fractured vertebrae.
No information was available from the data sources to determine which hip was fractured in each case, what the body mass index or bone mineral densities were of hip fracture patients, whether they smoked, and how fit they were in terms of muscle strength or balance.