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The right knee was fractured and the back strained and hurt, but she was conscious and in no immediate danger, so Rebecca wrote, when she had a moment to send aunt Jane the particulars.
The anteromedial aspect of tibia is subcutaneous which is responsible for tibia being the most commonly fractured long bone.
79% patients, only one digit was fractured while fracture of two and three digits was seen in 16.
Before reconstructive surgery, conventional radiography of the fractured calcaneus was taken for all cases, and multidetector CT scan was taken to obtain better appreciation of the position and alignment of fracture lines and fracture fragments.
RSW samples fractured in three modes but LSW samples fractured in six modes.
A comprehensive examination of fractured area was undertaken and Orthopantomogram (OPG) as well as PA (Posteroanterior) views of mandible were also performed to confirm the clinical diagnosis; and to elicit the site, severity and extent of the fracture.
INTRODUCTION: The talus is the second most commonly fractured tarsal bone.
Patient who fractured their hip are at high risk of fracture reoccurrence.
The fractured medial malleolus was everted, the deltoid ligament was protected, and the fracture was reduced and fixed with two AO cancellous screws.
External skeletal fixation (ESF) refers to stabilization of fractured fragments using transcortical pins connected externally with any metallic frame (Anderson et al.
The scaphoid is the most commonly fractured hand bone (Figure 6).
The estimated critical pore-pressure for shear slip suggests that the fluid pressure in fractures is higher near the fractured zones 1 and 2 around 2,900 m, and declines as the fractures are away from the zones.