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One way of illustrating this property is in terms of the flow on the phase-space associated with each dynamical system: fragility amounts to the fact that small changes in the system result in changes in the overall flow.
Fragility creates hunger, poverty and migration, Houngbo told the audience of development leaders and IFAD Governors.
In the above figure of a fragility trap, the first phase (purple circle) is when a country moving out of conflict misses an opportunity to reform its institutions.
Gould and Pate present readers with a specific method for assessing the relative fragility of states throughout the world.
Still, given the multiple sources of fragility and the reinforcing interactions among them, fragile countries find it very difficult to build resilience, the study added.
In transplant patients, the use of calcineurin inhibitors can cause high bone turnover, increasing bone fragility.
Diagnosis of osteoporosis in CKD patients must exclude other causes of low bone mineral density (BMD) or fragility fractures.
Laporte said: "We could have humiliated them, but we showed mental fragility in the last minutes and we nearly died of fright.
Like the skinnings of floors that contained traces of the original wood, plaster, and even newspaper fragments, Flying Skinroom (Ahnenhaus), 1980-82, appropriated the forms of the tiled oven, paneling, and grand windows of the room while materializing the fragility of memory.
Her body morphs through shapes that speak of the fragility of the spirit and the animal power of a predator.
Clearly depicted is the fragility and insecurity of adolescence, which in this case makes Nina easy prey for sexual predators like Leo Beck, a photographer friend and former lover of her mother.
The fragility of family ties amidst a mother's divorce, alcohol dependence, and selfishness is explored with a deftness and clarity that are rarely seen.