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God hides fragments of our humanity in other places, as well.
The fragment records Nehemiah's visit to a ruined Jerusalem, finding that its gates had been "consumed by fire.
The fractured fragment was detached from the main tooth structure by separating the gingival attachment using a No.
As several neural structures are compromised when the disc fragment migrate to dorsal epidural space, therefore these patients have more chances of neurological deficits.
They gave the ants pieces of paper soaked in orange juice to mimic grass leaf fragments and measured the angles at which the insects carried them.
A fragment of Deuteronomy 27, photographs of which were released to researchers by APU, is already generating scholarly debate about the location where an altar was to be built in ancient Israel.
Concordance One lists fragments found in publications; those cited in Ilya Gershevitch's A Grammar of Manichaean Sogdian (Oxford: Blackwell, 1961); frequently used signatures; and a list of site marks with their corresponding signatures.
If the fragment deformation changes from [epsilon] =0 to [epsilon] =0.
The platform integrates, among other things, protein X-ray crystallography, structural biology, biochemical, and NMR based fragment screening in combination with its high-quality fragment libraries.
Finally, there is a type of fragment that contains a subject and verb but nevertheless cannot stand on its own.
Each fragment has a planar extension with a transversal direction, a longitudinal direction and a thickness direction extending perpendicularly to the planar extension of the fragment.
Phylogenetic analysis of the NS5 fragment place them in the North American cluster, although an additional resolution of this cluster was not achieved because of high conservation levels and shortage of parsimony informative sites.