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The Ross Island Formation, comprised of massive to fragmental, and pillowed mafic volcanic rocks (Pe-Piper and Wolde 2000; Fyffe and Grant 2001, 2003; Black et al.
Similarly, USGS map I-666 describes this material as fragmental debris and masses of rim material that, likely, have moved down slope.
This speech in the very first scene tells a lot about Kulka's Iago: fragmental thoughts construe his style and make his presence unfathomable.
Similar fragmental stone foundations have been discovered at archaeological settlements (Lavi 1997; see also his article in the present issue).
Dicentric, tricentric, bridged, and fragmental chromosomes occurred in high frequency in the groups of 12-20 sec irradiation.
Glyndaer was one of the hardest stories as when you are dealing with this period sources are very fragmental.
The recently introduced Signature molecular descriptor is based on an extended valence sequence and belongs to the class of fragmental descriptors including holograms, molecular subgraphs, and tree fingerprints.
The use of three perspectives, in the questioning of their main role, suggests a fragmental aspect of the novel, which places it into the layers of metafiction yet again.
Subjective doubling can be confirmed if the 'other self' is complementary to the fragmental (lacking) sell and their unity creates a 'whole,' 'united" self.
All specimens found in Estonia are compressed and fragmental, and their variation in length is therefore meaningless.
At this point, the story begins its flood of fragmental flashbacks, returning to Ishmael's adolescence to reveal his love affair with the young Japanese-American woman Hatsue (Youki Kudoh), who eventually became Miyamoto's wife.