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Condusiv Technologies expands the real-time fragmentation prevention capabilities of Diskeeper Server to include an industry-first solution for Storage Area Networks (SAN) connected to physical servers.
Thus, GIS software package from ESRI--ArcGIS[R] Spatial Analyst extension and custom Python based application developed during this study for performing of map algebra operations and determination of forest fragmentation components within state forest enterprise areas.
When the FB was initially heated to a desired temperature by the temperature controller, a red light was on and an electric heater switch tripped off so that the resistance wire stopped working, in the mean time oil shale samples prepared were plunged into the bed and subsequently crackles can be heard, indicating that severe fragmentation of oil shale particles was occurring there.
We ran each set of tests for three iterations, and then defragmented the storage using Diskeeper to reduce or eliminate the disk fragmentation.
The SEC's request for comment on market fragmentation seeks suggestions to improve disclosures both by market centers and by brokers about the handling of orders and the execution of trades.
Finally, I tracked down the true villain-- disk fragmentation.
Thus, political fragmentation on one side became the precondition for the integration of markets on the other side.
There are, in the literature, dozens of lamentations and jeremiads about the fragmentation of disciplines.
Problems of access to health care providers and, to a minor degree, fragmentation of care are causing this market-driven change as well.
This article focuses on professional status, identifies four areas of professional fragmentation that impact our current standing, (title transition, professional preparation, credentialing, and professional associations) and suggests ways in which to enhance professional growth.
openBench Labs' results found the benefits of using Diskeeper to prevent fragmentation and eliminate huge volumes of I/O requests to storage both dramatic and far-reaching.
Because he was collaborating with some colleagues who had an interest in fragmentation, says Belmonte, "I was inspired to think about breaking things.