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The findings suggest that exercise early in life could help fend off frailness in the elderly, says study leader Kristian Gundersen, a physiologist at the University of Oslo in Norway.
Remy Cabella should be recalled to the starting line up despite his physical frailness and need to meet the pace and power of the Premier League.
Their frailness at the back is a concern though, so I can see a case for backing over 2.
In both cases, the frailness of Lou's body and the almost phallic projections of bone that protrude from under his skin subvert notions of an ideal masculine body--exemplified in the bodies of the hockey players that juxtapose Lou's physique--as one that is virile, strong, and youthful- Also, and as Leacock's opening quotation suggests, hockey appears as symbolic of community and nation building and thus contrasts Lou's individualism and isolation.
Egypt's failure can be explained through three factors: the strong presence of the army, the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood and the frailness of civil society," he wrote.
In geriatrics, frailness is characterized by decreased functional reserves in an individual, which increases vulnerability to stressors and the risk of adverse health effects.
What Simmons's book is ultimately all about-besides its corker of a tale about the battle between good and evil, humanism and barbarism, a contest that summons up thoughts of Kipling and London and Stevenson, as well as their homage-paying descendant, Philip Jose Farmer-is the sheer intractable majesty and beauty and unforgiving physics of mountain climbing, especially in opposition to the frailness of the human body.