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Manipulating the frame is like editing the image: We include or reject information according to what we intend to communicate.
As a result, the annual cost of property insurance for cast-in-lace reinforced concrete-framed office buildings, accord to three major insurance companies, requesting anonymity, from whom rates were gathered in research conducted by the Concrete Alliance, were 20 percent to 25 percent per year less than had the same office building been constructed using a steel frame.
In a simplified version of this pattern, each frame is made up of two large magnetic stripes written at an angle with respect to one another.
Reporters begin their research with certain considerations in mind that may set the frame in which the details of the event at hand are placed.
Their major argument is that the GE frame focuses on age and cohort based equity at the expense of other forms of equity, such as class equity, race equity, and gender equity.
The canvas is stretched across a rigid wooden frame, called a stretcher.
The new MUD Quick-Change Adapter Frame System (patent pending) is available in a range of sizes for injection machines up to 500 tons.
The new frame, along with Pandigital's entire line of digital photo frames, will be shown at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) Show in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center's South Hall, in Booth Q186, March 8-11.
The construction method was simple, proven (the majority of vehicles had been built this way since the industry started), quiet (due to the isolation of frame from body), and easily supported multiple vehicles off a single base.
The frame being made for van Gogh's ``Starry Night'' illustrates the complexity of what Varnedoe seeks to achieve.
We taught the frame of perspective to the former chairman of a major chemical company, who used it with great success while appearing on US television to respond to charges that his company had stopped making napalm because of pressure from anti-war activists during the Vietnam War.