frame of mind

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I think all of your preparation tactically and technically is fine, but if the player spends a little bit of time thinking about his best performance and putting himself in the best frame of mind, then that best performance has a better chance of being delivered.
So if you go over there and you're not in the right frame of mind, or you don't want to be there, they'll make it very difficult for you.
I want to play positively and start the tournament in the right frame of mind.
I know everyone wants to know what frame of mind I am in because of the slip that happened to me against Chelsea but I am over it, it has gone.
I was still in a relationship when I recorded it, so it must be destiny because the song's coming to life more with my current frame of mind.
He said there was a need for the visitors to go in with a very positive frame of mind and be optimistic no matter what the opposition and the conditions.
He said: "I will give him the opportunity just to let things lie for a day or two and I will speak to him closer to the time and see what frame of mind he is in.
Perhaps he had lost faith in himself a little bit and lost faith because he was not playing, but Marge has rekindled his confidence and put him in the right frame of mind.
Ronnie's been in the practice room, he's been putting the work in and and he's really in the right frame of mind at the moment," Trump said.
I'm going to Valencia not in the right frame of mind for a race.
HE'S got a tough draw but Ronnie O'Sullivan looks in the right frame of mind to launch a big tilt at regaining the UK Championship title.
In this form of the game especially, your frame of mind is the crucial thing," said the Durham star.