frame of reference

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In Morocco, the Justice and Development Party (PJD - Parti de la Justice et du Developpement), which won the elections and is entrusted with forming the new government, has made a final decision regarding its frame of reference.
Rather, the counselor approaches the counseling process with curiosity and a wanting-to-know attitude that will enrich the counselor's experience in knowing and understanding the client's frame of reference.
Although she does not draw attention to alternative strands of racialization that focused upon intra-European "markers" of linguistic, mythical and cultural difference, her approach is entirely justified within the Atlantic frame of reference.
The WebTrust standards help improve the safety of Internet transactions by giving auditors a frame of reference for detecting deficiencies in CAs' performance.
12] When stakeholders perceive something, they essentially attempt to fit that event into a preestablished frame of reference.
This policy statement provides a frame of reference by which the Service's procedures and standards for evaluating offers can be more readily understood.
If the CPA profession takes the lead in developing the concept, the ground rules will be consistent with our frame of reference and culture.
They also provide a frame of reference that encourages, and in some cases requires, the sponsors and managers of mine action programs and projects to achieve and demonstrate agreed levels of effectiveness and safety.
The text is mainly concerned with examining Washington's perceptions, attitudes, policies, and most importantly exploring the effects of the Israeli centered frame of reference on the Palestinian Arabs.
The study revealed many insights into the creative thought processes of children that can help staff take a different frame of reference when working with campers.
But the ability to read an insurance policy with an educated frame of reference means I might be able to save money for a building or find ways to enhance the coverage.
Lacking a systems perspective, physicians tend to adopt a personalized, anecdotal, and short-term frame of reference.