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In sharp contrast, the Framers deliberately made the federal election districts huge so the average American would have less influence on elected representatives.
Framers like Claudia put baby slippers, sports jerseys, antiques, and other personal keepsakes on display.
About a fifth of all picture framers work part-time.
The POSIC2G framer supports efficient RPR mapping with GFP, providing an increase in effective data bandwidth compared with other encapsulating protocol s such as HDLC.
Go to a panel plant with your framer and check out the production line.
More than one framer has brought an artwork into the shop and built the frame, only to realize that the finished product was too large to go out the way it came in.
custom picture framers in the country convened in Chicago in January for a day and a half of brainstorming and camaraderie.
According to Gartner Dataquest (Fiber Optic Food Chain, March 2001), the annual worldwide market for OC-192 and OC-768 framers is set to grow from US$79 million in 2000 to US$2 billion in 2004.