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Greek" takes place at fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University as a new batch of freshmen enter, hoping to reinvent themselves as cool kids by entering frats and sororities, none as avidly as Rusty (Jacob Zachar, who suggests a young Brad Douriff), a nebbishy genius whose sister Casey (Spencer Grammer) is one of the coolest kids on campus and in the proudly superficial Zeta Beta Zeta sorority (were Paris Hilton to matriculate at a place of higher learning, she'd end up there), so long as she can place some distance between her nerdy brother and herself.
Amazing firsy day on 'Grown Ups 2' with my frat brothersa[bar]so happy to be part of this," he said.
Featuring two distinct competitive games, Pong Toss - Frat Party Games(TM) offers a traditional tournament-style game for one to four players and Speed Pong, during which two to three players compete at the same time, each trying to be the first to eliminate all of his or her cups.
The frat party, held off campus Saturday, had people dressed up as Asian stereotypes and an invitation that included "Chank You" and other language to represent broken English.
He lived in the dormitory towers, surrounded on his floor by about 40 guys, which worked for him as an instant frat house.
I was the only nonplayer in our house, a cross between a frat house and a convent with handwritten Bible quotes encouraging self-control taped to the walls.
And if by chance they happen to get kicked off the bill in Wisconsin they'll find a frat party to play because, they care.
NEW YORK, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- In the May 2004 issue of GQ, Oxford-educated, self-proclaimed "good girl," Kate Beckinsale dishes about nipple tassels, towel-snapping, frat boys, chesty vampiras, and butt-slapping dwarfs.
ON Valentine's Day there's a Frat Shack special with Tramp Attack.
No one seems to get that these nicknames prove our "President" is, indeed, a sophomoric, glad-handing frat boy.
Sublime fueled a rabid grassroots following, comprised of All AGES and walks of life- the ska-punk underground, the frat house collegiate, the ever increasing dub and ragga aficionados, and, of course, the legions of the surf/skate/snowboard community who embraced the band and its lifestyle from its early inception.
THEME DORMS, RANGING from academic to frat houses, have been around forever.