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State officials are no longer considering being Facebook friends a violation of the fraternizing policy, according to the paper.
We toured the West Bank and felt perfectly secure in shopping and fraternizing with Palestinians.
The LEIC pointed out that Toronto police core values commit the service to treating everyone in an impartial manner and that fraternizing with the homosexual lobby creates an impression that there are two sets of enforcement of the law--one for the homosexual community and another for everyone else.
Nirvana's rule against employee-guest fraternizing makes for some tense moments, and Henry has to deal with a young and unstable budding novelist who may be using Henry to stalk Jeff.
The NLRB had maintained that a fraternizing ban put in place by the Guardsmark security firm would be interpreted by workers only as a ban on dating co-workers, but the Circuit Court decided "that employees would reasonably interpret the rule to prevent them from discussing the terms and conditions of employment.
Needless to say, such fraternizing goes against department policy.
They seem aware of their surroundings and of two other waterfowl fraternizing in the foreground.
In addition to setting the scene, the surrounding greenery, blue sky, and balmy light can also be regarded as signs of the somewhat paradoxical naturalness of the men fraternizing and hooking up, caught--or about to be--in the calm eye of gathering hurricane AIDS.
According to legend, Henry was also very fond of fraternizing with his subjects and was reported to have dressed in common clothes so he might go to taverns and overhear what people were really saying about the state of the kingdom.
After the confidential executive session, board members criticized Jennison for fraternizing with junior members of the staff, inappropriately interfering with midlevel managers' decisions and for exhibiting nonspecific anger problems.
Before Padilla (Abdullah al-Muhajir), there was Aqil, the troubled Mexican American youth from San Diego found in an Afghan training camp fraternizing with one of the men accused of killing journalist Daniel Pearl.