fraudulently induce

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Highland") today announced that a Highland-managed entity, Claymore Holdings LLC, won a $40 million verdict against Credit Suisse after a Texas State Court jury found the Swiss firm concealed key information in order to fraudulently induce Highland to participate in a 2007 refinancing of the Lake Las Vegas development, including primarily concealing relevant facts and conspiring with appraisers to inflate valuation.
Prior to trial, the court also made legal rulings that USBI did not fraudulently induce Hi-Shear to enter into a contract to manufacture and deliver certain flight hardware for use on the Space Shuttle.
While some technology companies create special purpose vehicles in order to obtain trademarks, in this case the sole function of Apple's special purpose vehicle was intentional misrepresentation, and an effort to fraudulently induce Proview Taiwan into a sale of the IPAD trademarks," said Cal Kenney, Spokesman of Proview Taiwan.
In reality, Carrano, Patrick Williams, Donald Williams and Fleming operated out of Costa Rica to fraudulently induce potential purchasers in the United States to buy the purported business opportunities, the indictment alleges.
AMT salespeople provided potential buyers with the names of individuals who were purportedly successful AMT business opportunity owners, including Orlando Moncada, when in fact, such references were not successful AMT business opportunity owners, but were individuals paid by AMT to fraudulently induce potential purchasers to buy an AMT business opportunity.
To fraudulently induce others to purchase the business opportunities, Mathauda and his co-conspirators made, and caused others to make, numerous false statements to potential buyers.