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Now this is my desire--to win that great axe of Jikiza, which is called Groan- Maker, of which we have heard tell, so that axe and club may stand together in the fray.
These two," continued Ulysses, "will not keep long out of the fray, when the suitors and we join fight in my house.
Meanwhile the Achaeans carried off the body of Tlepolemus, whereon Ulysses was moved to pity, and panted for the fray as he beheld them.
Tydeus was a little man, but he could fight, and rushed madly into the fray even when I told him not to do so.
There is a sense of satisfaction in looking at your men all ready for the fray.
History is known, to my young remembrance of that library, by a History of the United States, whose dust and ashes I hardly made my way through; and by a 'Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada', by the ever dear and precious Fray Antonio Agapida, whom I was long in making out to be one and the same as Washington Irving.
And indeed so he might; for he had now discovered the place whence the poor girl had, at the beginning of the fray, stolen away, upon as many feet as a hare generally uses in travelling.
With the winner earning a berth to the Commercialbank Qatar Masters plenty is at stake for the amateur golfers in the fray.
Touting low energy, long range, security, and Internet compatibility, combined with a robust global customer base in high-reliability power utility networks, the Wi-SUN Alliance is entering the hotly contested wireless Internet of Things (IoT) fray.
A total of 35 candidates are in fray for the four posts of Delhi University Students' Union office- bearers.
10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Denver-based The Fray takes the stage at Fallsview Casino for two nights as part of November's lineup.
Fray Bentos is more than a corned beef butty or tasty tinned pie.