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It is Fevvers' excessive flesh that emerges "gleaming and beefsteak red" and it is her physical development "fore and aft" that is both the source of her allure but also her freakishness (19).
Being a young single woman trying to navigate career, romance and family is hard; being a young single Tori Spelling trying to do all this adds a whole extra layer of freakishness.
Clemens"), as well as his abiding fascination with freakishness, displacement, mixed blood, twins, composite identities, and quid pro quo.
After bringing a superb save from Tynan not long after Miller had opened United's account, Richardson went on to double United's lead, although the effort had an element of freakishness to it, a touchline free-kick which floated across the box and into the far corner with no-one getting near it.
She's a cheerleader on the boy's JV basketball team--maybe she's overheard something that could explain Brandon's freakishness.
The inevitable result is that the "I" he assumes he should have and know seems insubstantial, is spread thin in contrast to the concentrated intensity of the midget, whose very freakishness perhaps gives him the appearance of definition and individuality.
While aware that lessons are there to be learned at the higher level, director of cricket Tom Moody says last week's undoing in Canterbury was down more to the relative freakishness of Kent's Matthew Walker and Michael Carberry hitting top form on the same day.
Buses rumbled up the avenue in pairs, hacking and panting, buses abreast or single file, sending people to the sidewalk in sprints, live prey, nothing new, and that's where construction workers were eating lunch, seated against bank walls, legs stretched, rusty boots, appraising eyes, all trained on the streaming people, the march-past, checking looks and pace and style, women in brisk skirts, half running, sandaled women wearing headsets, women in floppy shorts, tourists, others high and slick with fingernails from vampire movies, long fanged and frescoed, and the workers were alert for freakishness of any kind, people whose hair or clothing or manner of stride mock what the workers do, forty stories up, or schmucks with cell phones, who rankled them in general.
All the strikes in this goal-crazy game arrived before the break - the freakishness of Sam Shilton's opening missile for the Harriers encapsulated the afternoon in the Black Country.
However extraordinary her self-education has been, however exemplary her womanliness, the individual quirks of her lettering are exhibited as a sign of the imperfection, even freakishness, of her efforts.
The tradition of the freak as monster has a long history in European culture, but freakishness, radically democratic and open to individualistic self-appropriations of class, race, ethnicity gender, and sexuality, is a distinctly U.