free from encumbrance

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Despite 84,000 applicants, 25,000 registrants still await allotment OCT 21, 2009: HC restrains DDA from auctioning any plot of land in Rohini till further orders till it allotted plots to the 25,000 remaining applicants DEC 17, 2009: Delhi HC lifts stay and asks DDA to complete allocation process within three years MARCH 14, 2012: DDA tells HC plots free from encumbrances and there are no impediments in developing the land and handing over possession to registrants MARCH 15, 2012: HC asks DDA to begin draw of lots and complete process within three months MAY 15, 2012: Registrants come to know through an RTI that DDA planned to give them under- sized and underdeveloped plots.
On the basis of that finding of fraud, the judge made orders requiring the property register to be rectified so as to register both men as the owners of the freehold interest in four of the properties, free from encumbrances, and owners of the leasehold interest in the remaining two properties, also free from encumbrances.
85) The house was eventually put up for sale, and the grantor sold the property with a warranty deed, insuring the property as being free from encumbrances.
Currently, the seller's obligations are the following: (1) to provide "marketable title thereto in fee simple, free from encumbrances and defects[,]"(104) and (2) "to take affirmative action to convey a marketable title according to his contract of sale, and therefore, under the usual contract of sale, [to undertake] to pay off items that are concededly liens upon the property.
Marketable title" means the title is free from encumbrances and the purchaser can hold the land free from a probable claim by another.
The leaders of the SAARC countries should seize the opportunity in the forthcoming summit and prepare an action plan for a new South Asia free from encumbrances of tension, prejudice and rivalry.
You could also ask the seller to sign a declaration that the vehicle is his/hers to sell and is free from encumbrances.
75% for a large pool of assets that are now free from encumbrances.
The other roads would be laid as soon as the land for them became free from encumbrances.