free from obstruction

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Check all air vents are clear and free from obstruction - some boilers require combustion air intake from the room in which they are fitted, so these vents are there for that purpose.
Keeping our pavements free from obstruction is of paramount importance to the council and we believe that smaller black bins will help in that regard," he said.
He made it clear that "the issue of the formation of the government is not free from obstruction and attempts to sabotage efforts to negotiate performed by some persons for purposes of foil these negotiations to prevent rights' holders to meet their demands.
DEOPPILATE A To unload B To criticise C To free from obstruction who am I?
The mechanical and electrical components are housed separately at the back of the machine, while the front is free from obstruction and quick and easy to clean in every visible or hidden point.
The last POIC descending the mast shall ensure all antenna safety-cutout switches are returned to their normal operating position, ensure all antennas are free from obstruction, and conduct a FOD walkdown of the entire mast.
Illegal immigrants swarm into the UK free from obstruction.
The home-owner also has to agree to give the builder access to the premises during the agreed working hours and keep the working areas sufficiently free from obstruction.
The Blizzard Hard Candy 2000 provides for greater ease of cleaning as it makes the most of the cantilevered structure design and leaves the front of the machines free from obstruction so that the sealing units and areas coming into contact with the product can easily be cleaned directly with water, while the mechanical and electronic parts are protected, housed in separate compartments to the rear of the machine.
Mr Salmon added, ``Public roads provide vital communications for farm businesses, and it is as much in the interest of farmers that country highways are kept free from obstruction and are maintained in a safe condition as it is for all other road users.
A spokesman for the county council said: "Parking attendants play a vital role in keeping roads free from obstruction and making sure everyone gets a fair chance to use the parking spaces available.
Action will include installing collapsible bollards to keep residents' garages free from obstruction, new road markings to stop parents blocking driveways with their cars, double kerbing and shrub planting to prevent parking on verges and 'keep clear' markings on turning areas in cul-de-sacs.