free from pain

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By God she put up one hell of a fight, but she was just so tired and it was her time to be free from pain and now the most beautiful angel in the sky.
May God bless you and may you rest peacefully now you are free from pain.
When life was sweet and free from pain For each day was bright, shiny and new Cotton wool clouds in endless skies of blue.
While it is devastating in the short term, Dr Kelly believes the operation will leave the 25-year-old free from pain and restriction in the muscles related to the hip, and largely cure his relentless injury woes.
Uncle Ian, Auntie Jayne, Michael and Ellen FIELD OLIVER JAMES 1 year ago today Aged 2 years Our Little Hero In tears we saw you sinking we watched you fade away, our hearts were broken, you fought so hard to stay, but when we saw you sleeping, so peacefully free from pain, we could not wish you back, to suffer that again.
They say it's a wonderful journey from the old world to the new, Some day I'll take that journey just to be with you, And when I get to Heaven, where all are free from pain, I'll put my arms around you and we'll never part again.
I told her, 'Ali, at least he is not suffering now, at least he is free from pain.
The sad day you were taken from us a part of me has gone too, my only comfort is to know you are not suffering and free from pain in the arms of Jesus and all the angels in heaven above and one day we will be together again in God's kingdom.
He said: "I just promised people that they could die free from pain and with dignity.
I pray that his mum and dad will take comfort from the fact that, when the end comes, wee Rhys will be free from pain and in Heaven.
Boffins found 40 per cent of patients were free from pain two hours after using the device, with no serious side-effects, the BBC reported.
Till we meet again, sleep peacefully, free from pain, you were our rock.