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He also stopped all the freeloading and junketing that was going on beforehand - and that's put a lot of noses out of joint among police officers.
The first tentative attempts at freeloading, which resulted in a 50% success rate for food.
The Mirror's brilliant expose of the freeloading peer only confirmed that the House of Lords is a medieval boil on the face of the so-called Mother of All Democracies.
London, May 6 (ANI): English singer Amy Winehouse's dad, Mitch, is so fed up with her freeloading pals that he has sent one of them packing.
There are plenty of family secrets to protect - this bunch have a habit of getting involved with freeloading spouses, illegal immigrants and blackmailing transvestite hookers.
A METRO fare dodger attacked two ticket inspectors when they cottoned on to his freeloading.
She was twice ejected as prime minister because she twice feathered her family nest to the point where even corruption-friendly Pakistanis called a halt to her freeloading.
We have had enough of the FA freeloading our players into the England team and not even paying their medical bills when they returned injured.
But people now see him as a freeloading womaniser with no real job in government.
Millin, author of Freeloading Wales said, 'In the pub one day I said it was about time someone wrote a travelogue about Wales.
But while I carry no torch for freeloading councillors, I'm always a little wary of criticising junketing, as journalists are the greatest beneficiaries of hospitality at another's expense.
Cooperative microbial groups inevitably attract freeloading bacteria, such as the microbes that siphon off oxygen and nutrients from wrinkly spreaders without contributing any community-binding biofilm.