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On the one hand, literary works of the period delved into romancing the freethinking and nonconformism of the nineteen century infidels.
In the introduction Arkinstall contextualizes her study by defining freethinking and emphasizing the importance of associations and the press for these women's leftwing political activism and the formation of their "sisterhood.
It appeared to be a band of freethinking agnostics.
Our system doesn t really encourage freethinking," he said, adding: "It is true that today the US is the most creative and most dynamic economy.
In Utrinski Vesnik Erol Rizaov congratulates the president and prime minister on the shameful 94 spot in the world in conquering the media freedoms and a special thank you goes out for the opposition and its leader Branko Crvenkovski who raised his freethinking voice for stop to pressures exercised on the journalism and the media control.
WHEN a football manager is capable of debunking some of the game's laziest myths, you realise he must have the freethinking and clear vision to rise to the very top.
In refusing to accord to a prescribed theological formula an allegiance owed only to the divine person of Christ, orthodox Dissenters affirmed the cause of toleration as fully as any of the most freethinking rationalists.
If Jewish life cannot thrive in an open environment of opportunity, choice, freethinking, affluence, success, and first-class statusif we really do need tsuris, czars, pogroms, poverty, insularity, closed minds, and anti-Semitism to keep us Jewishthen Jewish life as we know it will not, and should not, survive the first half of the twenty-first century.
White Paper arguably undermines universities' autonomy and their contribution to freethinking in modern society.
But as loyal fans will tell you, the series has proved that the youngsters don't have a monopoly on being freethinking mavericks who bend the rules to get results.
Before it happened, she had been a freethinking, happy-go-lucky sort of a girl.
David Hume appreciated his "noble Christian freethinking," and Alexander Pope considered Ramsay's famous Cyropedie as one of the greatest works of the time.