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Here we go again, another example of petty rules and regulations smothering commonsense, freewill and enterprise.
The victim had married the daughter of DSP (r) Saadullah Bangash out of freewill, and the victim's father suspected that Barkat's brothers-in-law Shiraz and Khalid had killed him, the SHO added.
Anonymous demonstrates a profound ignorance of the Islamic position on the relationship between destiny and human freewill ('Destined', GDN, March 24).
As the Page Turns Books Discussion Group invites you to join them as they discuss Chris Lynch's Freewill.
These are the basic rules of contract law and the essential concept of freewill is not only well known and established in England, but also, generally speaking, in the jurisprudence of the rest of Europe and elsewhere in the world.
For Christians, the tithe is not a debt owed to God, but a freewill offering of ten percent of a person's 'increase' or profit.
If values are imposed, it robs people of their God-granted freewill to choose between right and wrong.
Set in pre World War II Algeria, it's a small book that covers huge themes such as the role of destiny and freewill.
The freewill covenant presented in Joshua 24 is one of the most remarkable variations of the Covenant between God and Israel in biblical history.
This provocative tale by the author of Freewill and other YA novels would make an interesting companion piece to Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak, which treats rape from a teenage girl's viewpoint.
2-acre development at 2311 Green Acres Road from First Freewill Baptist Church.
It seems that the government is working on a systematic plan, in which it had already tightened its grip on the Lower House and student councils at public universities, and now it targets the PAs to end any feasible popular freewill in Jordan," said political commentator Batir Wardam.