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Moreover, Goschy said, the future of proportional giving--based on freewill offerings from parishioners--is by its nature very hard to predict.
Studying (guessing) what life, consciousness, and/or freewill is, at this stage of knowledge, premature because we don't have the scientific tools capable of answering that (or these) question(s), even with quantum mechanics, quantum biology, etc.
Keywords: Freewill, Determinism, Psychoanalysis, Divorce, Pakistani Society
CAIRO, July 9 (KUNA) -- Arab Parliament Speaker Ali Al-Deqbasi hailed on Monday the huge turnout in Libya's first national election, noting on Libyan people's freewill in this regard.
The Company Man subjugates freewill by providing subsidised food, cars and fuel and free X-boxes in Company homes.
Fear-fare thou great deceiver thief of will knave conjuror of lies and human divide Your net bursts with chaos in the lands you reside for little is known of you behind your human guise save that you clutch your catch to despatch ghostly shadows of hopes long passed Fear conquers freewill birth of the void, death of choice a land-mind where fear forbids to go except this illusion, oh
Man is in constant struggle with nature and his spiritual self to assert his own sense of self and freewill, or is constrained by religious beliefs to submit to a deity and a divine order.
The Duke of Cambridge described the event as one of the "seriously most important" on the couple's overseas tour because it is about "men and women who of their own freewill choose to put their life on the line for their country".
But it was old favourites like Freewill and Subdivisions which really got the crowd rocking.
I'm thrilled to pieces to note that Kortright's stewardship commitment of raising funds only by freewill offerings has continued to this day.
Here we go again, another example of petty rules and regulations smothering commonsense, freewill and enterprise.
The victim had married the daughter of DSP (r) Saadullah Bangash out of freewill, and the victim's father suspected that Barkat's brothers-in-law Shiraz and Khalid had killed him, the SHO added.