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Indeed, during the sojourn of Captain Bonneville in this neighborhood, which was in the heart of winter, he found the weather, with the exception of a few cold and stormy days, generally mild and pleasant, freezing a little at night but invariably thawing with the morning's sun-resembling the spring weather in the middle parts of the United States.
Rosa pronounced those few words in a freezing tone, which cut deeply into the heart of Cornelius.
One hundred and twenty-nine on the thermometer constitutes a very hot day, yet such a temperature is but ninety-seven degrees above freezing.
That's one hundred and six below freezing point - too cold for travelling, eh?
Leaving the pails standing in the trail, he walked up and down, rapidly, to keep from freezing, for the frost bit into the flesh like fire.
Tarwater, stoking the fire, would sometimes ask Liverpool, beating now one released hand and now the other as he fought for circulation where he steered in the freezing stern-sheets.
The pond had in the meanwhile skimmed over in the shadiest and shallowest coves, some days or even weeks before the general freezing.
Once the line is up and running, most die freezing can be avoided by maintaining very constant material flow through the die holes.
Let's assume CAS freezing to be superior to current freezing technologies.
Part I Freezing principles: Freezing processes: Physical aspects; Principles of freeze-concentration and freeze-drying; Principles of frozen storage; Frozen food packaging.
Another phenomenon of freezing soil moves pebbles around once they're at or near the surface, Kessler contends.