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Summary: Boeing and Qatar Airways today announced an order for two Boeing 777 Freighters at the 2011 Dubai Air Show.
The post office consists of the two boats and a white, cinder-block building where mail is sorted into slots for each freighter.
Going forward, ASCC will continue to focus on providing significant value to our customer base for any product or service we undertake," said Gary Batey, president of Alcoa - SIE Cargo Conversion, the Alcoa business unit that has been working with Structural Integrity Engineering (SIE) to create what both companies believe will be a high-value opportunity for narrow-body freighters.
As well as being one of the launch customers for the 747-8 Freighter, Cargolux also took delivery of the first ever 747-400 Freighter in November 1993.
Brian Bauer, Global s chief commercial officer said, Etihad Crystal Cargo is one of our longest-term customers, utilizing World s MD-11 freighter aircraft continuously for the past four years.
The 777 Freighter is powered by General Electric's GE90-110B1L/115BL and meets QC2 noise standards.
Earlier in the day, Ghanaian officials, following the lead of the Ivory Coast, denied permission for the ship to dock, and they sent two naval vessels to intercept the freighter and urge it to return to the Liberian capital, Monrovia, where fighting has raged for more than a month.
Atlas has been instrumental in making the 747 Freighter family the industry standard and, with the addition of the new 747-8 Freighter, Atlas continues its legacy of delivering high value and quality customer service.
The new 747-8 Freighter gives cargo operators the lowest operating costs and best economics in its class while providing enhanced environmental performance.
Boeing said that its 767 Freighter is an ideal upgrade for the fleet serving the FedEx Express domestic network, providing improved fuel, maintenance and cost savings over the MD-10 freighters it will replace.
The 777 Freighter will expand on the great track record that Qatar Airways' 777 passenger airplanes have established," said Marlin Dailey, vice president of Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
The passenger version is now expected to be 250 feet, 8 inches, the same length as the freighter version of the new airplane.