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Increase in yield stress has no significant influence on relative frictional effect on scratch depth.
12) The net income is then adjusted upward for fixed expenses, variable expenses, and frictional vacancy to estimate potential gross income (rent) necessary to make construction feasible (Table 1).
The case for flash heating is buttressed by the discovery of rocks that seem to have undergone frictional melting, generically called frictionites, or pseudotachylites, along faults and associated with some rock slides, Singer says.
Their value in this role depends upon their frictional cost advantages over reinsurance companies.
The first goal of this paper is to show that capital allocation to lines of business based on the Myers and Read approach is either not necessary for insurance rate making (in the case of no frictional costs) or even leads to incorrect loadings (when frictional costs are considered).
Load increase ascends value of boundary lubrication frictional coefficients for solid bodies.
Frictional Force of Indoor Optical Fiber Cable at a High Speed that Reflects a Real Field
Inevitably, some amount of oil circulates with the refrigerant and has a significant impact on refrigerant evaporation frictional performance because oil changes refrigerant thermal and transport properties, such as saturated temperature, density, viscosity, etc.
They follow a basic design principle: combining unique track profiles with opposed ball tracks that provide countervailing forces to reduce frictional losses and heat generation.
Stainless steel brackets generate lower frictional forces than ceramic brackets, because of their lower surface roughness, which is clearly visible when comparing scanning electron micrographs.
As a first comparison the frictional force in function of the sliding distance is plot and compared with the friction force coming from the experiments, see Fig.