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Frictionless security and automated API management become key enablers in the Application Economy, as businesses seek to extend their customer relationships and create new revenue streams.
The frictionless bearings reduce the starting current to just 2 A, removing the transient starting spikes which can be associated with screw compressors and the need for expensive soft start arrangements, as well as eliminating the risk of penalty charges for exceeding maximum power demands.
While the frictionless billing experience for users that MACH's Direct Billing Gateway provides, will enable increased sales conversions on Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace, stimulating the apps economy for both the software provider and operators, while allowing developers and merchants to maximise revenues.
Now, with this collaboration Deutsche Telekom will be able to facilitate DOB deployment, bringing frictionless one click payment for apps, music, games and other digital content, to its subscribers across Germany and other European markets.
This is in the form of a "NO BEARINGS" frictionless pivot, the Vader-xFP, which replaces a bearing in their single axis tracking solution.
The piston is moved using a frictionless hydraulic cylinder attached to a precision force sensor.
More important, it has a built-in variable-frequency/variable-speed drive and frictionless magnetic bearings that require only 2 amps to levitate and start rotation of the compressor shaft.
Slippage started appearing between the spinning molecule and the surrounding helium--a first hint of frictionless flow--and continued with additional helium-4 atoms.
Magnetar has developed a frictionless form of brake that utilizes magnets.
Through the addition of Frictionless Commerce, SAP will be able to help customers act quickly and save strategically while also providing a seamless and easy migration to the proven and robust to mySAP(TM) SRM.
The indentor mounting is frictionless and its position is sensed by an LVDT, providing the instrument with a resolution better than 0.