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Cascadian Farm's Bee Friendlier program will give a louder, more prominent voice to what's happening with the bees and the small steps we can all take, together, to make a difference.
We hope that through this guide, other businesses across South Wales will be encouraged to maintain a cleaner, greener and environmentally friendlier office.
During the transition from chlorofluorocarbon carriers to friendlier ozone-impact solutions, the company is said to continue to provide its customers with a wide selection of alternative products in both aerosol and bulk liquid form.
Compared with males in another troop in the same area, Forest Troop males were friendlier with each other and spent less time jockeying for power.
But he's also friendlier toward his subjects than, say, Warhol, treating cosmopolitanism as an excuse for tender romance.
The subcommittee's chairman, Representative James Walsh (R-NY) was friendlier.
Much friendlier in the flesh than their names would suggest, the two new gadgets are basically SD card-toting digital cameras, nicknamed "D-snaps.
Harrison the proponent of tonal clarity and a delicate sensibility friendlier to baroque music.
One of the following forms of HRT can then be added to the plan if necessary: botanical therapies, natural hormones with varying dosages, friendlier conventional hormones, or less-friendly hormones.
The distribution centers of many companies switched from plastic loose fill packaging, or "peanuts," to crumpled paper, starch loose fill or air bags because these items were perceived as environmentally friendlier alternatives.
or government agencies to stop funding "family planning" groups and encourage people in their own countries to have larger families, through such laws as friendlier tax policies.
Technology will play a major role in an effort to make London a friendlier place for global customers to do business.