friendly agreement

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We knew we had to reach a friendly agreement to avoid those complications.
Friendly agreement will clear up misconceptions involving a work or domestic issue.
Another friendly agreement between Ecuador and Colombia has effectively ended the process that the Ecuadoran government has pursued against Colombia at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).
No, discussions have been terminated after LDI tried to find every amicable avenue to conclude a friendly agreement between both companies," he said.
Clerides yesterday confirmed a report in daily Politis that the cabinet has approved the exchange of land between a Turkish Cypriot refugee and Tymvios, five years after the Greek Cypriot had reached a friendly agreement with Turkey over his occupied property.
Speaking at the time, then finance minister Kikis Kazamias called the deal "a friendly agreement with no strings attached.
Last month, Chavez said he would be happy to discuss "a friendly agreement.
Palo Alto CA) directly to shareholders last week after failing to reach a friendly agreement over the past three months.
When this column was started a few years back, Keith and I came to a friendly agreement from the word go that he would concentrate on the sporting scene for his writing, while I would tend more towards road riding, the classic scene and the odd road test for these pages.
The planting is part of a new environmentally friendly agreement with the city council and JLA will plant hundreds of trees around the city over the next three years.
In both cases, unless parties can reach a friendly agreement, a final verdict as to who is entitled to do what requires arbitration.
South Korea's North Kyongsang Province announced the cancellation of a friendly agreement with Shimane Prefecture, while three Shimane cities, including Yasugi, received similar rebuffs.