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Friendly fire involves the accidental killing in a combat setting of one soldier by another of the same or an allied force.
Five British soldiers have been killed by friendly fire since the war on Iraq began on March 20.
But an ex-SAS Captain, who served in the 1991 Gulf War, said: "The biggest danger our boys will face is friendly fire.
It looked like we were clearly going to drop back into Vietnam mourning, but suddenly we were out of the body bag simply because it was announced that these first losses were victims of friendly fire.
Forces are one step closer to reducing the chance of friendly fire incidents with the deployment of the BAE Systems' Combat Identification Server (CID Server) to Afghanistan.
There was not any friendly fire then (all hostile from victims point of view).
An MoD spokesman said the death was being investigated as a "suspected friendly fire incident".
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said the death was being investigated as a "suspected friendly fire incident".
Afghan and German leaders have expressed their deep shock over the killing of six Afghan soldiers in a friendly fire with their German counterparts and the death of three Germans in a clash with militants in northern Kunduz province.
FOOTBALL fans wore strips and unfurled a Union flag yesterday to honour a soldier killed in a suspected friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.
A spokesman said: "There is a possibility that the latest death in Afghanistan was caused as a result of friendly fire.
We have confirmed that an investigation is under way into a suspected friendly fire incident," a MoD spokesman said.