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The Supreme Court is sure to be asked to resolve the question of whether fees incurred in a hostile takeover should be given different tax treatment from those incurred in a friendly takeover.
Commissioner,(6) the Third Circuit, in affirming a Tax Court decision, held that a corporation must capitalize consulting fees, legal fees, and other expenses incurred in deciding whether to accept a friendly takeover bid.
But since it was now undertaking a friendly takeover, MAXXAM had access to the $60 million excess in the pension fund -- so MAXXAM came out $27 million richer, despite the higher price paid.
Sources around the industry believe that Trump wants to proceed with either a friendly takeover or a negotiated settlement to get more than a higher lease payment or some control of the property.
was acquired in a friendly takeover by the largest publicly held company in Australia, Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd.
In this decision, the Tax Court held that certain takeover expenses incurred by the National Starch and Chemical Corporation relating to its successful, friendly takeover by Unilever United States, Inc.
Vancouver's 3TL said it has inked a non-binding letter of intent (LoI) to acquire the entire issued and outstanding stocks of RewardStream under a friendly takeover.
26 July 2013 - Marco Tronchetti Provera, the chairman of Pirelli & C SpA (BIT:PC), and his bidding allies have been cleared to proceed with their friendly takeover offer for Camfin SpA (BIT:CMF), the holding company for the Italian tyre manufacturing giant.
The European Commission will announce its decision on Ryanair's friendly takeover bid on Aer Lingus, the other Irish airline in which it holds a 29.
With Macquarie trading below book value, and more importantly its likely realizable break-up value, a friendly takeover bid could not be ruled out," said CLSA banking analyst Brian Johnson.
Commenting on the announced on Monday plans for a friendly takeover of French peer Rhodia (EPA:RHA), the Dutch bank said the new entity will become a big player with good exposure to fast-growing markets, adding it, however, has other favourites in the sector.