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But, if Hayes looks back for his inspiration, his own passionate and frighteningly eloquent performance brings in numerous influences from other musical styles.
The subject's face is digitally blurred out, creating a frighteningly surreal image.
The dye consequently spills out into the lake and most of the shoreline becomes frighteningly discolored.
The program's challengingly condensed rehearsal period was most evident in the tightly synchronized ensemble movement of Sacre, but the reconstruction continues to overwhelm with the volcanic force of Stravinsky's frighteningly powerful score and Nijinsky's movement showing tribal passion churning like lava.
Today she is almost frighteningly motivated, with her sights set on a career in corporate law when she finishes her present business studies course.
Last week, Lothian firemaster Colin Cranston said in a report: "The prospect of serious injury or death of a firefighter has become frighteningly real.
While leaving Chicago, which is a frighteningly long ride through miles of traffic jams and suburban tract housing, I listened to Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente from Havana to New York.
Yet architectural and experiential problems are similar in some ways: large numbers of people have to be organized as reassuringly and expeditiously as possible; they have to be assisted from walking unassisted to frighteningly powerful transport machines.
Viewers Can Enter 'The Frighteningly CLUELESS Sweepstakes' on
How did a special-effects crew create a frighteningly creepy Godzilla?
When it became frighteningly similar to the places we had already left, we move on once again to the retirement meccas of Florida and increasingly the Carolinas, Arizona and Nevada.
You've seen the numbers before: they tell us that PC use in African American households is frighteningly low in comparison with that of white households.

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