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They are frightfully ignorant, and everything they do is make-believe.
One of the lifeboats, frightfully overcrowded, swung at a dangerous angle from its davits.
It was during this struggle that it was suggested that a new plague- germ had originated, that in some way or other a sort of hybridization between plague-germs had taken place, producing a new and frightfully virulent germ.
Hearest thou not how it mysteriously, frightfully, and cordially speaketh unto THEE, the old deep, deep midnight?
Do you know, I'm not frightfully keen on the name Smith.
The visages of his nephews were excited, but cold towards him, and that of his former confederate frightfully determined.
It did not sound like a call from earth but it swept frightfully through the upper air mingled with the hoarse accompaniment of the wind.
You wouldn't marry for some money and some station, because you were frightfully likely to become bored.
Major Dress Retailer Discusses How to be Frightfully Chic This Halloween
It was considered deeply controversial and frightfully avant garde when launched in the mid-1950s and remains essentially a night out for the theatre aficionado.
THE BAD EDUCATION MOVIE (15) Preview Released: August 21 Duration: 91 mins WRITTEN by and starring Jack Whitehall, Bad Education was a popular BBC Three sitcom following a frightfully posh, yet inept history teacher called Alfie Wickers at the fictional Abbey Grove School in Watford.
Didn't seem to bother that frightfully talented Novak Djokovic chappie too much though, did it?