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the statute accommodates concerns about de minimis in fringement in
The argument for applying copyright misuse beyond the bounds of antitrust, besides the fact that confined to antitrust the doctrine would be redundant, is that for a copyright owner to use an in fringement suit to obtain property protection, here in data, that copyright law clearly does not confer, hoping to force a settlement or even achieve an outright victory over an opponent that may lack the resources or the legal sophistication to resist effectively, is an abuse of process.
that the in fringement of copyrights, patents, and trademarks is a kind of theft), every monk or nun committing such an infringement would certainly lose his monkhood or her nunhood, for theft is an ultimate Vinaya offense that definitely results in such a devastating effect.
In what is becoming a major storm in a toy box, a US federal court has banned parent company MGA Entertainment from making the Barbie rival, issuing the order after Barbie-maker Mattel won a landmark copy right in fringement case.